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Here’s a tip for maximizing settlement offers: avoid all social media until your case is concluded. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and any other social media platform.

Insurance companies and their lawyers routinely check Facebook and other social media for posts and photographs they can use to minimize settlements and verdicts. They also look for family, friends and co-workers who could be a source of information to use against you. A post or photograph taken out of context can hurt your case. Even a smiling photograph with friends can be used to undercut your pain and suffering damages.

For this reason, you might want to stop all social media activity while your case is pending. 

If you do post something, assume it will be seen and used against you by the insurance company and its lawyers.  Ask your family and friends not to discuss you online until your case is concluded, and don’t post anything about your case.

In addition, set your privacy settings at the highest level and don’t accept new “friend” requests until you’ve verified the requester’s identity.

If a lawsuit is filed in your case, the Court may issue an order requiring you to provide the insurance lawyer with your password so they can view your social media postings.

Finally, remember that “Google never forgets.”  What you post and what is posted about you is out there to be viewed and seen by the other side.

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