School's in session again, and that means the familiar yellow school bus is once again a common sight on local Frederick roads.

Thousands of school buses take our children to and from school each weekday. With more of these large vehicles on the road during rush hour and cold weather, it should come as little surprise that Maryland bus accidents are more likely during these times.

School bus drivers must go through rigorous training before they are allowed to transport other people's children. However, even the most careful bus driver cannot avoid every accident.

A school bus accident has the potential to negatively impact dozens of families. An accident involving a bus full of young children can mean many injuries, ranging from scrapes and bruises to broken bones and more. Even if injuries are minor, the emotional toll from a school bus accident in Maryland can be devastating.

And let's not forget the other vehicles involved in the crash. While minor injuries are common for young passengers in any school bus accident, the children on the bus are often much better off than those in any other vehicles.

It is estimated that nearly three-quarters of all fatality victims from accidents involving school buses are actually the occupants of other vehicles involved in the crash.

Similar to large trucks, the size of school buses makes them extremely dangerous to other vehicles on the road.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a Frederick car accident involving a school bus, you may be facing months of pain and recovery, not to mention outrageous medical bills.

Rather than try to face these trials on your own, consider talking to a skilled Maryland accident attorney who is familiar with the unique legalities involving school bus accidents.

Let us take care of the details while you focus on recovering.