The left hand turn: It’s something we do every day. It takes just a few seconds, and we typically think nothing of it.

However, left hand turns can be a recipe for disaster. Frederick auto accidents involving left turns can leave a devastating aftermath with serious injuries and lots of finger pointing.

“It’s obvious who was at fault,” we think indignantly. Unfortunately, the other driver may have the exact same sentiments.

Perhaps you were the one going straight, when suddenly — in your opinion — another car appeared out of nowhere and turned left in front of you, cutting you off and causing the crash.

Or maybe you were the one turning. You were already in the intersection when — as you see it — another impatient driver sped forward without looking and smashed the side of your car.

Whose fault is it really? This can be a tricky matter to determine, and due to Maryland law regarding compensation, the outcome will make the difference in whether or not you get anything for your injuries.

There are several questions to consider:
  • Did the person turning have a green arrow or a green yield?
  • Who was in the intersection first?
  • Was there an obstructed view for either of the drivers?
  • Were either of the drivers speeding?
  • Could either driver have avoided the accident?

An experienced Frederick accident attorney will consider these questions and more. They will do their best to prove their client’s position and make sure their client is not robbed of compensation for injuries sustained in a serious Maryland auto accident.

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