A distracted driver looks up just in time to see the traffic sign looming and changes course. Phew! That was a close one.

Unfortunately, if the driver fails to see or chooses to ignore the sign, she may be unable to avoid a serious accident. Below are five of the most commonly ignored traffic signs that can end in a serious Maryland car accident:

  1. Speed Limit
    It’s rare to spot a driver who is truly following the exact speed limit, but traveling at unusually high speeds along a winding, rural road, or whizzing down the highway at breakneck speed, can spell disaster. The faster the driver is going, the more likely it is that any small error will cause him to lose control of the vehicle and crash. As most people know, a high-speed accident in Maryland often ends in fatality or serious injury.
  2. Yield
    This is one of the most commonly ignored traffic signs. Perhaps a driver is momentarily distracted and completely misses the sign. Maybe the driver misjudges the distance of oncoming traffic that has right of way. In either case, a failure to yield right of way can lead to a serious Maryland auto accident.
  3. Stop
    Some drivers have become experts at the “rolling stop” maneuver. They might slow down at a four-way stop sign, but they are apparently in much too big of a hurry to stop completely. This carelessness can easily lead to a crash in the middle of the intersection.
  4. One Way
    If you spot a driver traveling the wrong way down the highway, chances are high that the person is drunk. However, drivers unfamiliar with busy city roads can easily take a wrong turn and end up going against traffic, as well. Similarly, a driver who becomes distracted and veers into oncoming traffic ends up going the wrong direction, even if only for a few seconds. Those few seconds are all it takes for a serious head-on collision to occur.
  5. Road Construction
    Drivers who don’t see changes in traffic ahead of them can cause a chain-reaction accident that leaves several people injured. One of the more common causes for such a traffic change is road construction.

If you or a family member has been the victim of a Maryland car accident in which the other driver failed to obey traffic signs, you may be eligible for compensation for your medical bills resulting from serious injury.

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