Some people don’t like confrontation. They do their best to avoid conflict at all costs, even to their own detriment. In case you ever wondered, this is not the type of person you want to represent you in a personal injury case.

When you’ve been hurt in a Maryland car accident, you want someone who is not afraid of confrontation. You want someone who won’t back down; someone who knows what is right and is ready and willing to fight for you.

In short, you want a Rockville car accident attorney who knows his or her job and is good at it. How can you tell if a particular attorney has the right qualities to get you the settlement you deserve?

First, check the attorney’s record in court. While any attorney can profess to be a fighter, actions speak louder than words.

If you are looking for a lawyer who can help get you the best possible settlement, you will want to find one who has proven success both in and out of court. This will demonstrate that the attorney is skilled in negotiations, but also has the guts to push for more when appropriate.

To find an attorney who truly knows his or her stuff, look for one who has:

  • Happy clients who have received favorable settlements
  • A successful history in court, winning several cases
  • A good mix of cases settled out of court as well as ones fought successfully in court

If you were injured in a Maryland car crash and are looking for an attorney, the search may seem overwhelming. They all say they can get you a good settlement. They all say they are “the best.” What they might not tell you is that “the best” is not always the best for you

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