The signs of an unsafe truck driver are often subtle, but knowing how to spot them—and avoid such drivers—could save you from a serious crash. Here are eight signs of a potentially unsafe truck driver in Maryland:

1. Makes sudden lane changes or stops

This could be the sign of a drunk or drugged driver, or simply a driver who is unfamiliar with the local roads. In either situation, making sudden and unexpected lane changes, stops, or turns can cause a serious Maryland truck accident.

2. Doesn’t use turn signals

Failing to signal a turn is not just rude or lazy; it is illegal and dangerous. Turn signals are not installed on vehicles as an optional feature. They are supposed to be used to avoid confusion that could lead to a crash.

3. Doesn’t check blind spots

A driver who turns at the same time as putting on the turn signal is likely not taking the time to check blind spots. This is particularly dangerous for truck drivers who deal with extra large blind spots. 

4. Makes frequent lane changes

While there is nothing wrong with changing lanes, a truck driver who is frequently weaving back and forth between lanes of traffic is taking a chance. Because trucks have such large blind spots, every lane change is an opportunity for a dangerous truck wreck.

5. Is not paying attention to traffic

A truck driver who sails through a red light or stops suddenly to avoid traffic in front of her may not be paying careful attention to the road.

6. Tails other vehicles

Tailgating is unsafe for any driver, but even more so for truck drivers. The massive size of a tractor-trailer makes it harder for the driver to stop quickly, which is why truck drivers are supposed to leave extra space between themselves and other vehicles.

7. Speeds

These days, it seems everyone is in a rush, and the rare driver is one who follows the speed limit to the dot. It’s common for drivers to go 5 or even 10 miles over the speed limit. However, a truck driver who is speeding is increasing the danger of a serious Maryland truck crash.

8. Is on the phone

Federal regulations prohibit commercial drivers nationwide from using hand-held cell phones at all while in motion. Some companies don’t even let their drivers use hands-free devises unless they are stopped. 

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a Maryland truck accident, it’s possible that the truck driver was not driving safely. For a free consultation, call the experienced Maryland truck crash lawyers of Nickelsporn and Lundin at 800-875-9700 today.