How do you picture a truck driver? Most stereotypes would suggest a big, angry man with a foul mouth who spends his spare time drinking and smoking. Get on his bad side, and he’s liable to force you off the road, causing a tragic accident.

While any Maryland truck accident involving a big-rig is likely to cause serious damage, the causes behind these crashes are rarely malicious. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released a survey in 2007 that outlined the top ten causes of truck accidents across the nation. You may be surprised at some of the rankings:

10. Road Rage – Yes, it does make the top 10 list, but it’s further down than our stereotypical picture would suggest, causing only 7 percent of the wrecks involved in the study.

9. Inability to Stop in Time – Even the best driver can’t always halt such a big vehicle in time to avoid a dangerous Maryland truck wreck.

8. Distracted Driving – This is a dangerous phenomenon that is quickly becoming a culprit for crashes of all types.

7. Doing Something Illegal – The survey lumped all accident-causing traffic violations into one category.

6. Fatigue – Driver fatigue is especially common for truck drivers, who typically spend hours at a time behind the wheel.

5. Blind Spots – Though truck drivers are trained to keep track of their vehicles’ extra-large blind spots, this is still a common problem.

4. Over-the-Counter Medications – Whether the driver is using a sleep aid during off-hours or trying to get over a cold or allergies, medications of all types have side effects that can contribute to truck accidents.

3. Not Knowing the Roads – Truck drivers travel hundreds of miles a day, often in areas that are unfamiliar to them.

2. Speeding – This is one stereotype that holds true in reality. Drivers under pressure to get the job done often resort to speeding.

1. Drug Use – What’s the top cause of truck crashes in Maryland and across the nation? Both prescription drugs and illegal drugs were combined for this study, and together this duo causes one-fourth of all truck accidents nationwide.

If you or a family member has been involved in a truck crash, chances are the results were devastating. It will take time to pick up the pieces, whether you suffered a serious, potentially permanent injury or lost a loved one.

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