Chronic. The word itself sounds terrible. The pain associated with it is even worse.

Acquaintances may not see anything wrong with you and insurance agents may doubt your story, but that doesn’t make your injury any less real. The pain is a constant reminder to you that something is still not quite right.

Typically, “chronic pain” is considered to be any pain that has lasted for longer than six months. How it looks from one person to another can vary greatly. Some people may have reoccurring episodes of excruciating pain every now and then. Others may have a constant, almost nagging pain on a daily basis.

The symptoms vary too. Perhaps it’s a case of frequent migraines that started shortly after the accident. Maybe it’s a dull ache in your shoulder that remains long after the debris has been cleared. Maybe you occasionally get a spasm of severe pain in the same spot, all thanks to a serious Maryland truck accident.

When you’ve been the victim of a crash involving an 18-wheeler or other large truck, the damage to your body can be catastrophic. You may very well find yourself dealing with chronic pain years later.

You don’t have to suffer in silence. Like any other injury, chronic pain deserves to be treated, and you deserve to be monetarily compensated both for your pain and for any treatment that might help manage it.

When doctors have given up hope of “curing” you, don’t give up hope on living a quality life. You may have to live with a new normal, but you still deserve to live fully.

If you are dealing with a skeptical insurance agent or one who doesn’t fully understand the extent of your pain, then you may want to turn to an experienced Maryland truck crash lawyer who understands these types of cases.

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