Life after a serious motorcycle accident can seem surreal. You walk through the motions in a daze, not quite yourself, thanks to your injuries. You’re not really sure what to do in this new situation.

Here are a few helpful dos and don’ts to get you started:

Do gather whatever evidence you can find to prove your case. It’s best to do this step as soon as possible because some evidence, such as skid marks or bruises on your body, disappears quickly.

Don’t assume the other driver will admit fault, even if the cause of the accident seems clear to you. The other driver may have a very different perspective regarding the circumstances of the Maryland motorcycle crash. He or she may even choose to lie about the crash in order to save face or avoid criminal charges.

Do request immediate medical attention and leave worrying about how to pay the bill for a later date. Your priority right now should be getting well. Injuries that are treated promptly heal better. You can always request compensation from the person responsible for the accident to pay those medical bills once you know the full cost.

Don’t avoid getting medical care for your injury simply because you’re afraid of the expense. Delaying medical attention could aggravate the injury and it will look suspicious to the insurance company and to a judge should you later decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Don’t give a recorded statement to the insurance company. The insurance agent may give you the impression that this is mandatory, but this is actually not a required step. Insurance companies are notorious for twisting what you say to use against you as a means to lower your compensation. Above all, absolutely do not sign anything! Most documents an insurance agent may ask you to sign significantly decrease your rights to a fair compensation.

Do consult with an experienced Maryland motorcycle accident attorney who can help you navigate the legal system to get you the full amount of compensation you deserve for your injury and pain and suffering.

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