Imagine that your little four-wheeled economy-friendly car is set to debut in a fight against a massive 18-wheeler.

Let’s face it: If you try to go head-to-head, you will lose. The odds are stacked against you. No matter what offensive strategy you try, it’s not likely to make much of an impact against the sheer size of this big rig.

Instead, let’s think defensively. Whether in a ring or on the road, here are a few tips that could keep you out of the hospital and safe for another day’s fight:

1. Give him room to breathe. A big truck needs lots of room, in every direction. So many things can go wrong on the road, and the more space you put between yourself and a big rig, the more likely you are to come out of a disastrous Maryland truck accident unscathed.

2. Stay off his bad side. In particular, stay clear of any blind spots. For a truck, the typical blind spots will be larger than they are for cars. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to see both the truck’s side mirrors to ensure that the driver can see you.

3. Back off! Don’t tailgate. It’s not likely to make the truck driver go any faster, and should the driver need to stop unexpectedly, your car will not fare well upon impact with the back of a big rig.

4. No cuts allowed. Big vehicles need lots of space to brake. If you cut off a large truck, you are running the risk of causing a serious jackknifing accident that could very well take you down with it.

5. Avoid the right hook. Stay clear of the right side of a truck when it is turning right. Because the trailer has to swing so far out, the driver’s blind spots are even more intensified during a turn.

Sometimes, the best offense is a good defense. Other times, nothing you do makes a difference and you find yourself the victim of a serious truck accident. When that happens, call on an experienced Maryland truck crash lawyer with Nickelsporn & Lundin at 800-875-9700 to see how to get back into the ring of life.