With traffic congestion and roadwork everywhere, it seems, most drivers find themselves at one time or another searching for one of those hidden shortcuts through a residential area.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with cutting through another street to get to your destination, you should be aware that taking one of these shortcuts could end in a serious Rockville car accident if you’re not careful.

If you are cutting through to another street because you are frustrated and running late, chances are that you may not be driving as safe as you should be. 

Three common causes of car accidents include when the driver:

  1. Is in a rush. He is therefore more likely to speed.
  2. Is not paying attention to road signs. A careless driver can easily miss a crucial stop signal or yield sign.
  3. Is unfamiliar with the roads. This can lead to sudden stops or a failure to navigate a turn.

All three of these elements may be present when an impatient driver chooses to take a quick shortcut in an unfamiliar neighborhood. 

There’s a reason residential streets are designated as such and designed the way they are. They are not intended to be through streets and do not have the proper traffic signs to accommodate such use. When otherwise quiet streets designed for residential use suddenly become a busy through street, accidents can occur.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a serious crash due to another person’s negligence or reckless driving, you deserve compensation. To see how much your injury is worth, call the experienced Maryland car crash lawyers of Nickelsporn and Lundin at 800-875-9700 to request a free consultation.