Nobody understands what I’m going through. How could they? This is too much to handle.

When a child dies before his or her parents, the grief can be unbearable. Whether you’re going through this nightmare yourself or watching a friend suffer, here are a few common thoughts and feelings you may be experiencing:

Too Young to Die

He was such a good kid with a bright future ahead of him. She was getting ready to go to college and had dreams of changing the world. Now I’ll never get to see my baby grow up into the amazing adult I imagined when I held an infant in my arms.

As parents we look forward to watching our children grow. We can’t wait to share each little milestone with them. We put so much of our own heart and dreams into that little person that when his or her life is cut short, it’s as if our own heart has been ripped apart.

Why Not Me?

Parents are supposed to die first. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. This pain is worse than death. Why couldn’t it have been me instead?

When our children get hurt, as parents we often wish we could be injured in their place. It’s no different with death. We want to see our children live a long, full life, and we certainly don’t want to go through life without them. We never imagined it when they were alive, and we can’t imagine it now.

If Only

If only I had picked her up from the party instead of letting her get a ride from a friend. If only I had seen that other car a second sooner. Why did I trust that person to keep my baby safe?

We know that what could have been will never change what happened, yet the “if only’s” continue to plague us. Perhaps we blame ourselves somehow for the accident. Maybe we wonder what we could have done to prevent it—and what we can do to keep our other children safe from the same horrible ending.

Coming to terms with your thoughts and feelings after losing a child to a devastating car accident takes time. You may need professional help coping with your loss. Wrongful death damages can help cover the cost of therapy and more. If you are in need of a lawyer for wrongful death claim following a car accident anywhere in Maryland, call Nickelsporn and Lundin at (800) 875-9700 for a free consultation.