Motorcycle accidents can produce some very serious injuries, often affecting the chest area. Because motorcyclists often sustain blunt force trauma to the chest in wrecks, they may suffer internal bleeding, damage to internal organs, and other severe chest injuries. Sadly, victims with chest injuries typically experience an emergency situation and will require immediate medical attention in order to survive.

Some of the most common traumatic motorcycle accident injuries that affect the chest include:

  • Broken ribs. When a direct blow to the chest occurs in a motorcycle crash, a single rib fracture or multiple broken ribs could be the result. When rib fractures occur, it is possible that a victim has suffered injuries to the lungs, aorta, liver, spleen, or kidneys. Typically, oxygenation and pain medication is required, along with non-surgical care; however, surgery may be required for patients with multiple rib fractures. Complications of rib fractures include internal organ injuries, pneumonia, and even death.
  • Lung injuries, such as collapsed lungs and bilateral lung contusions. Because the lungs are located on either side of the chest and are spongy, they are vulnerable to injuries in a serious crash. This is especially the case when a broken rib punctures a lung and causes it to collapse. Chest trauma can also cause a lung contusion (bruising of the lung). These injuries typically require ventilation to receive extra oxygen, and some lung injuries require surgery. Complications of lung injuries can include pneumonia and respiratory failure.
  • Torn aorta. When blunt trauma to the chest occurs in a motorcycle accident, the aorta could be torn or punctured by a broken rib. As a result, the aorta could rupture along with other major blood vessels. The aorta could also break away or partially break away from the heart in a high-speed, traumatic crash. Because the aorta carries blood from the heart to the arteries, this type of injury can be deadly. Symptoms of this life-threatening injury includes chest and upper back pain, trouble swallowing and speaking, and shortness of breath. This type of injury almost always requires surgery. Sadly, many people with this type of injury die before they even make it to surgery.

Chest injuries can range in severity from bruising to potentially fatal damage needing immediate medical attention. If you have suffered a chest injury or you lost a loved one due to traumatic chest trauma in a motorcycle crash, you need to seek legal advice. Please call our law firm for a free consultation at (301) 942-9118 to learn about your legal rights.