You slam hard on your brakes as a big truck pulls directly in front of you without looking. The driver speeds up, then slows down and up again. He taps on the brakes for no apparent reason and can’t seem to stay in the same lane.


“I have got to get away from this drunk nut,” you think. Before you have time to react, the driver makes yet another crucial mistake, crashing into you and sending you straight to the hospital.


Big Responsibility Means Big Consequences


Drunk driving is illegal in any circumstance, but when a commercial driver is involved the laws are even stricter. While most drivers cannot have a high blood alcohol content level, a truck driver may be breaking company rules — and the law — by having anything alcoholic to drink at all while on the job.


These stricter laws reflect the fact that a Maryland truck accident is more likely to end in serious injury or even death than any other accident. Anyone who carries a Commercial Driver’s License agrees to adhere to this strict code of driver conduct.


CDLs require extra training and a specialized licensing test to ensure that the driver is capable of handling a large vehicle safely and can (and will) do so in a professional manner.


When a driver who is entrusted with such responsibility chooses to drive drunk, that driver is risking his or her career, not to mention endangering the safety of others on the road by increasing the chances of a serious Maryland truck accident.


When Taking the Bus Leaves You Injured


Like anyone else with a CDL, a bus driver must undergo additional training and pass a commercial driving test in order to be entrusted with carrying passengers.


When you step onto a bus or into a cab, you trust the driver act professionally and get you to your destination safely. When that driver decides to get behind the wheel while drunk, he or she is risking your life.


When a professional driver neglects his or her responsibility and an innocent person ends up injured, the authorities and the driver’s company take it very seriously. It is a big deal and one that is worthy of a sizeable settlement.


To make sure that you get the entire compensation to which you are entitled, you should speak to an experienced Maryland truck accident attorney at 800.875.9700.