Car accidents occur every day around this nation. And the truth is, they often produce serious injuries and fatalities. Although motor vehicle fatalities have been declining in the recent years, new statistics from the National Safety Council (NSC) show traffic crashes and fatalities have spiked in 2015.

When looking at collisions between January through June, the NSC found that 18,630 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes during this six-month period in 2015. When compared with previous years, the data indicates that our nation is on track to have one of its deadliest traffic years in almost a decade. In fact, traffic deaths are at a 14 percent increase than the same period in 2014, and a 12 percent increase from 2013. The data reveals 2015 will be the deadliest traffic year since 2007.

Not only are traffic fatalities up so far this year, but serious injuries have also spiked. Data reveals that 2.3 million people have suffered serious injuries in collisions during this six-month period, which is a 30 percent increase from 2014. As a result, the costs related to these collisions have also increased by 24 percent from the prior year to $152 billion in medical care expenses, property damages, and wage and productivity losses.

What’s Causing the Upward Trend in Fatalities & Injuries?

There are many factors that contribute to the increase in serious and fatal collisions. One of the main causes is the low price at the pump. Low gasoline prices combined with an improving economy make for more people on the road. Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and CEO of the NSC, explains to Newsweek that people spend more time on the road when they have jobs, and they often have more disposable income for vacations, which causes longer drives.

When there is an increase in cars on the road, it is only natural that more crashes would take place. Other contributing factors in traffic fatalities include speeding, driver impairment, and distracted driving. Unfortunately, distracted driving continues to be a huge issue for drivers of all ages, as many drivers continue to text and use hand-held and hands-free devices while driving.

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