Police investigators are skilled in obtaining witness reports, surveying the accident scene for pertinent details, and reconstructing the scene to determine how the accident likely occurred. However, police are not perfect, and even the best cops can get it wrong occasionally. If you believe that the police account of what led up to your accident is not accurate, then you may need to enlist help from an experienced Maryland car crash lawyer.

It is possible that the police have missed a crucial piece to the puzzle and do not have all the information they need to correctly determine what happened. For example, any of the following can lead to a faulty police investigation:

  • A person involved in the accident or a witness to the crash withheld pertinent information.
  • A witness lied about what he saw.
  • Someone tampered with the accident scene before police arrived.
  • The officer misinterpreted something that was said or seen.
  • The officer at the scene conducted a rushed or incomplete investigation, or is dishonest.
  • The accident was a hit-and-run, leaving police with fewer available details.

If you disagree with what the police are saying happened during your Maryland car crash, then you should talk to an attorney who has the resources and ability to help you track down the information you need to prove your side of the story. There is often more than one version of a story; you may need a little help digging up the truth if you believe the police have the wrong information. For a free consultation, call Nickelsporn and Lundin today at 800-875-9700.