When you catch your spouse in adultery, it’s normal to feel hurt, angry, and confused all at the same time. You likely have dozens of unanswered questions and mixed feelings.

Before you take drastic actions—such as immediately filing for a Maryland divorce—your very first step should be to seek counseling from a professional who can help you sort through all these confusing feelings.

Next, you will need to make some tough decisions, including whether or not to stay married. Here are some questions you will want to ask yourself when deciding what to do after finding out your spouse has been unfaithful:

  • Do you still love your spouse?
  • Are you willing to work on forgiving your spouse?
  • Can you imagine a day where you might be able to trust your spouse again?
  • Can you picture a future with your spouse?
  • Do you want to stay married, or are you set on a Maryland divorce? 
  • Is your spouse sorry for what he or she did (or just sorry about getting caught)?
  • Is your spouse wiling to give up the affair?
  • Is your spouse willing to get counseling or other help?
  • Do you believe your spouse can stay away from temptation in the future?
  • Does your spouse want to stay married, or is he or she asking for a divorce?

The answer to many of these questions may very well be “I don’t know” at first. When you’ve been hurt by a cheating spouse, the healing process takes time and hard work. It may be months before you even know whether or not your marriage can last.

If you or your spouse is unwilling to continue the marriage, it’s time to talk to a Maryland divorce attorney about other options. Call Nickelsporn and Lundin, P.C. at 800-875-9700.