Wouldn’t it be nice if all divorces could be congenial? Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. As you well know, divorces can get downright nasty. When one or both spouses choose to play the blame game instead of focusing on the work at hand, what could be a simple process becomes even more painful and complicated.

A spouse may resort to accusing you of any number of things including:

  • Being a poor parent
  • Verbally or physically abusing the spouse or children
  • Withholding financial assets from the spouse
  • Withholding information from or lying to the judge

The best thing you can do in the midst of messy divorce proceedings is to hire a good Maryland divorce attorney. While hiring backup may seem excessive or like something that could make your spouse even angrier, chances are the opposite will actually happen.

An attorney who is able to be diplomatic yet still keeps your best interests in mind can help defuse the situation and negotiate a favorable divorce settlement at the same time.

If your spouse is wrongly accusing you of anything, you should definitely enlist the aid of an attorney who can make sure that you are vindicated. In a contested divorce, each side is given ample opportunity to prove their case through witnesses and documented paperwork. An attorney is far better equipped to gather this evidence and present a persuasive argument.

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