Whenever you’re dealing with divorce, it’s common for conversations to get heated and feelings to get hurt. You’re talking about a person who was once very close to you, who knows you very well, and therefore knows what buttons to push to get you mad or how to hurt you the most.

Sometimes, one spouse uses this information to become a vindictive, spiteful ex-spouse, which makes the divorce process in Maryland that much more difficult and complicated. Here are a few possible signs that one of the spouses is being vindictive:

  • Purposefully saying hurtful things
  • Making personal attacks
  • Lying about the spouse to the judge, family, or friends
  • Demanding things he or she knows the other spouse wants
  • Acting out of anger rather than acting rationally and calmly
  • Going back on his or her word

There’s a difference between being vindictive and fighting for what you really want. A vindictive person will flat-out refuse to compromise and demand whatever he or she knows the other spouse wants most.

A person who is simply fighting for a better deal is willing to negotiate but knows when to stand firm—without getting angry.

Sound like a lot of work? It is—especially when you’re trying to discuss terms with someone who was once your best friend. Hurt and anger are common (and valid) feelings that are hard to overcome.

That’s why so many divorcing couples rely on the experience of a skilled Maryland divorce lawyer to help negotiate the details during this difficult time. To see how we can help you, call 800-875-9700 to speak to the attorneys of Nickelsporn and Lundin, P.C.