Yes, even if the truck driver did not carry insurance, you still may be able to receive compensation to help pay those expensive medical bills for injuries you received in a Maryland truck crash. Most auto insurance policies carry an uninsured motorist provision, allowing their customers to receive compensation through their own insurance company when the other driver does not have insurance.

Similar to a car accident where the person at fault is uninsured, your insurance company will pay the damages to you. Then, your insurance company will go after the uninsured person themselves to try to get reimbursement.

Because of the nature of trucking, most truck drivers have multiple insurances, so it also is possible that even if one type of insurance is expired or nonexistent, you may be able to find an active insurance that will pay the bill.

Insurance policies and regulations governing the trucking industry are numerous and complex, so it’s never a good idea to try to handle a Maryland truck accident personal injury case on your own.

If you’ve been in a truck crash and received serious injuries, you should enlist the help of an experienced Maryland truck accident attorney who can help you get the money you need to pay your medical bills.

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