Politely decline to give any recorded statements.

If your house were on fire, would you throw gasoline on the flames? Probably not a good idea, but it is a very good parallel for how much sense giving a recorded statement makes.

Insurance companies are already out to minimize or eliminate your claims. Why would you give them more ammunition? Not EVER a good idea. Politely decline. It is illegal for them to record you without your permission.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious Maryland car crash, it is vital to contact an experienced Maryland truck accident attorney.

The Agenda of Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have a certain agenda in mind. And guess what? That agenda most likely doesn't match yours at all.

Insurance companies run based on profits. Gaining profits means either minimizing or eliminating losses. Compensation for your injuries and damages are their losses.

When going to bat against insurance companies, an experienced Maryland car accident attorney can help in dealing with insurance company adjusters who are not acting in your best interests.

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