Rockville-area roads are traveled on by many motorcyclists. Bikers can enjoy the hustle and bustle of downtown, or the quiet and forest-filled back roads. Along with their twists and turns, these less-traveled roads also feature animals.

Deer are a common sight on the sides of roads and are often spotted walking across them. While it may be nice to look at the beautiful creatures, encountering them while you are driving is an entirely different experience.

What Are the Chances You’ll Meet a Deer While on Your Motorcycle?

Striking a deer while you’re riding on a motorcycle is a dangerous proposition for all involved. Bikers can walk away with a variety of injuries after such an accident, if they are lucky enough to walk away at all. As a motorcyclist in Maryland, you should know what your chances are of getting into a collision with a deer.

  • If you were playing the lottery, you’d like your chances. According to a study conducted by The Washington Post in 2012, your chances of striking a deer in Maryland are one in 114 or in other words, very high. Virginia bikers have a one in 102 chance of coming in contact with a deer.
  • Most deer-related crashes involve motorcycles. The auto club AAA stated that 70 percent of deer-crash fatalities involve motorcycles. Additionally, seven of the eight deer crashes that occurred over a three-year period in Maryland and Virginia involved motorcycles.
  • Maryland has lots of deer. Besides hunters and automobiles, deer in this area don’t have many predators. As a result, an abundance of the animals occupy the state, increasing your chances of hitting them.

When You Are Injured in an Accident

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