A separation agreement is anything—even a handwritten letter—that both you and your spouse sign and have another adult witness. You don’t necessarily need an attorney involved in the process, but you may want one to protect your rights.

A separation agreement outlines what you and your spouse have decided to do about any assets in your marriage, such as:

  • Who will take care of the children
  • Who gets the house or cars
  • Who will handle any debts
  • Who takes any pets, furnishings, or other shared belongings
  • What alimony or child support will be
  • How you will divvy up attorney fees

Separation agreements can include provisions for items that a Maryland divorce court would not normally handle. You should know that a separation agreement is legally binding and can be incorporated into your final divorce decree, so it’s important that you know what you are agreeing to right at the start.

Before you sign any type of separation agreement, you should talk to a Maryland divorce attorney to make sure you are not inadvertently doing something that could hurt you in the future.

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