Maryland is known for its lush landscape, which is particularly gorgeous when seen from a motorcycle. Whether you are taking a tour of downtown Silver Spring or want to ride through the picturesque back roads of Montgomery County, a motorcycle is a prime vehicle on which to do so.

If you’re going to take a ride on your motorcycle, however, you’ll need the proper protection. Maryland law states that all motorcycle riders must wear the appropriate helmets, or face penalties as a result.

Making Sure Your Head Is the Right Place: Choosing the Appropriate Helmet

Before you hop on your bike, make sure your noggin is properly protected with the appropriate helmet. The helmet you choose must conform to the standards set by the Maryland Department of Transportation, which include:

  • The outer shell. The outer shell of your helmet must consist of Kevlar, graphite, fiberglass, polycarbonate, thermoplastic, or carbon fiber, or a combination of these materials.
  • Shock-absorbing liner. Perhaps the most important component of the helmet, the shock-absorbing liner, is a firm, expanding polystyrene system that helps absorb the impact and disperse the shock of a blow.
  • Comfort liner. Designed to help the wearability of a helmet, the comfort liner improves the helmet’s fit and should be made from velour, micro fiber, terrycloth, or brushed nylon.  

The helmet must fit properly to provide the needed protection. Try several helmets on to ensure the right fit. The helmet should feel snug, but not tight. Additionally, never purchase a used helmet.

Obtain Additional Protection From an Attorney

No matter how good they are, helmets can’t prevent accidents from occurring. While the helmet can protect your head, you’ll require another type of protection after the crash: an attorney.

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