Lane sharing is legal. Lane splitting is not legal. But what's the difference between the two?

  • Lane Sharing.Lane sharing is when two motorcyclists ride side by side in the same lane. While legal in Maryland, lane sharing requires skill and should only be done by experienced motorcyclists.
  • Lane Splitting. Lane splitting occurs when a motorcyclist tries to ride between two vehicles in adjoining lanes in order to pass them. Lane splitting is dangerous and illegal in Maryland.

What Happens if I'm Injured in a Lane-Splitting or Lane-Sharing Accident?

If you were involved in an accident while lane sharing, you are more likely to receive a favorable settlement from the insurance company since lane sharing is legal. Despite the fact that lane sharing is legal, an insurance adjuster may try to lessen your settlement based on the opinion that sharing a lane is more dangerous than following behind another motorcyclist.

You will likely have an especially difficult time proving your case if you were trying to perform an illegal maneuver, such as lane splitting. However, if you were seriously injured in the accident, you may still be eligible for partial compensation.

If you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle accident involving lane sharing or lane splitting, you may have a case, and you may benefit from talking to an experienced attorney to get the best possible settlement.