In a perfect world, you and your spouse would agree on everything and have no difficulty divvying up the leftovers from your failed marriage. In reality, that rarely happens. 

You might be able to act cordially at a dinner party, but if you are getting divorced, then you obviously have some irreconcilable differences. These points of conflict might affect your ability to compromise when it comes to the divorce proceedings.

Here are a few specific instances where it is to your best interest to hire a Maryland divorce lawyer:

  • Children are involved. Child custody in Maryland is very subjective. If you want joint custody of your child, you should hire an attorney who can persuade the judge that you are a suitable guardian. Your child’s future is worth it.
  • You are seeking alimony from your spouse. Alimony in Maryland can be awarded to either spouse, but it must be requested before the divorce is final. Alimony is particularly crucial in a divorce where one spouse makes considerably more money than the other or where one spouse is disabled. A judge may award temporary (rehabilitative) alimony or long-term (indefinite) alimony.
  • Your spouse is playing dirty. If your spouse is attacking your character or wrongly accusing you of anything, it is a good idea to hire an attorney to protect your rights. Divorce proceedings can be largely subjective, so you will want to make sure the judge has the correct information and perception of you.

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