Each year around the holidays, thousands of drivers take to the roads to visit family, friends, and loved ones and celebrate the season. Unfortunately, this also inevitably leads to an increased number of impaired driving-related accidents. It is no different for motorcyclists. Driving while under the influence is a dangerous activity that should be avoided at all times, but drivers should be especially diligent during these busy weeks.

Five Reasons Why Driving a Motorcycle While Under the Influence Is Dangerous

Driving a motorcycle while under the influence this winter puts your safety at risk. In addition, you could face criminal and financial penalties. The Montgomery County Police Alcohol Holiday Task Force is set to continue through January 1st, 2015. For the reasons below, motorcyclists should practice responsible driving habits over the course of the next several weeks:

  1. The Montgomery County Police Alcohol Holiday Task Force is placing extra emphasis trying to crack down on impaired drivers, penalizing those who do.
  2. In 2012, Maryland experienced 189 alcohol-impaired fatalities. The number of impaired driving accidents for motorists of all kinds increases during the holiday season.
  3. During the holiday season, there is a big increase of vehicles traveling on Maryland’s roadways. This increases the chances of an accident due to sheer volume. When alcohol is added to the mix, the chances increase even further.
  4. Motorcycles offer little in the way of external protection in the event of a crash. If a driver is operating the bike while under the influence, the odds of an accident increase. When a crash does occur, a motorcyclist faces the risk of significant injury or even death.
  5. Operating any type of vehicle is more dangerous while under the influence of alcohol because reaction time is slowed and judgment is impaired. In some cases, motorcycles can be less forgiving than other, larger-sized vehicles when it comes to these issues relating to driving, increasing the chances of a crash.

Staying safe this holiday season is crucial to ensure that you enjoy all of the celebrations that you plan to attend. We hope that you will help us spread the word to your friends and loved ones by sharing a link to this article on Facebook and Twitter!