Yes. As a passenger in a Maryland motorcycle accident, you are eligible for compensation for any injuries you received in the crash.

The person who was responsible for causing the crash is responsible for paying those damages to you. This will most likely be either the driver of the other vehicle or the motorcycle operator. In unique situations, you might end up suing a third party, such as the company responsible for a poorly constructed road or a faulty part on the bike.

It is common for a motorcycle operator to only have one helmet and therefore be unable to provide a second helmet for his or her passenger. If this was the case for you, this should not hinder your personal injury case.

By law, the fact that you were not wearing a helmet is information that cannot be used against you in a personal injury lawsuit. However, you might need to fight to make sure this particular law is upheld.

Unfortunately, many jurors still let a negative perception of bikers influence their decisions, regardless of the truth. To make sure that your rights as a victim are protected, you should speak with an experienced Maryland motorcycle accident attorney who will fight for adequate compensation for your injuries.

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