The short answer is that yes, you should be able to incorporate that into your compensation. However, be prepared to fight for it.

When it comes to personal injury cases, there is no set amount of compensation for any specific injury incurred in a Maryland motorcycle crash. Because each accident and each injury is unique, the compensation will vary for any two people. What is covered in that compensation may also vary.

Just because you lost a limb in the crash, do not assume that the insurance company will automatically offer to pay for a prosthetic. Insurance companies are notoriously cheap, so it’s more likely that the insurance agent will offer to pay your basic medical bills and little more.

If you want to be outfitted with a prosthetic, you have every right to demand that this cost be included in your compensation. However, you may not get it unless you ask for it specifically.

An experienced Maryland accident lawyer can help you determine what your compensation should look like in detail and then present those demands to the insurance company.

In most cases, the insurance agent and your lawyer will be able to negotiate between themselves and you will end up with a favorable settlement without going to court. If not, then your lawyer may need to take additional legal steps to force the insurance company to agree to your terms through the order of a judge or jury.

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