When it comes to your significant other or a child, it’s easy to catch those telltale signs that they’re not exactly telling the truth. Because you don’t know a stranger’s typical speech patterns or behavior, it can be more difficult to tell whether or not that person is telling the truth about the Maryland truck accident that left you injured.

However, there are several signals that might indicate a person is lying. Behaviors that often accompany lying include the following signs:

  • Refusing to make eye contact
  • Overcompensating by making too much eye contact
  • Nervously shifting from foot to foot
  • Frequently blinking or rubbing his or her eyes
  • Scratching or pulling on his or her ears
  • Covering his or her mouth
  • Wringing his or her hands
  • Not using any hand gestures
  • Change in pitch or tone
  • Using too many details; a seemingly rehearsed story
  • Frequent pauses in speech or hesitant speaking
  • Minor details that contradict each other
  • Changing the story hours later

On occasion, you may have a feeling that someone is lying to you although you can’t pinpoint what makes you think so. Of course, the only way to prove that a person is lying is to find evidence of such. This is where an experienced Maryland truck accident attorney can help.

A good attorney knows how to hunt down the evidence pertaining to your accident, including truck driver logs and driving history, truck maintenance records, load information, and more.

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