The seriousness of an accident, whether it occurs on a busy highway or in a quiet, residential area, depends on numerous factors, such as:

  • The type of vehicles involved
  • The speed at which the vehicles were traveling
  • Whether any pedestrians were involved
  • Type of injuries suffered

Type of Vehicles

It’s no secret that a bigger vehicle is more likely to cause serious injury than a small vehicle. A crash involving a semi-truck and a compact car, for example, may very well leave the occupants of the smaller vehicle seriously injured. Similarly, a motorcyclist is much more likely to suffer serious injury in a crash that might otherwise be considered minor.

Speed of Vehicles

A low-speed car accident between two vehicles is not likely to involve serious injury. However, if one of the vehicles was speeding, that fact could drastically alter the seriousness of the crash.


When a pedestrian or bicyclist is involved, serious injury is much more likely to occur. A pedestrian who is injured in a crash is just as deserving of compensation as anyone else.

Type of Injuries

Some injuries are naturally more serious than others. While a broken leg is definitely painful, it may not cause as much damage as a broken vertebrae or damage to the spinal cord, for example.

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