Everyone's injury and situation is different. It is not possible to establish a value for your case based on the experience of someone else.

While insurance companies may have a rough estimate for how much they expect a particular type of injury to be worth, they are in no way required to abide by that alone. However, they will often use this very generic method of determining an injury's worth when offering you an initial settlement.

This is why it is particularly important that you don't simply accept the insurance company's first offer without determining whether it is a sufficient settlement for your case.

An experienced Rockville personal injury lawyer will know well that every accident - and therefore every accident injury - is unique. They can help you put together a personal injury claim that includes all the pertinent information in your unique case to make sure that you get the most compensation possible.

For example, if your injuries left you with permanent damage requiring future medical care, or if you had to take a leave of absence from work, those are additional expenses that you deserve to be compensated for.

If you are not sure whether the insurance company is offering you a generous enough settlement, chances are they are not. Talk to a qualified injury lawyer who can help you determine how much your injuries will cost and how much compensation you should demand. The goal is to obtain a settlement that permits a high quality of life despite your injuries.