Every head injury is unique, and the settlements received reflect the varying degrees of injury. That said, a closed head injury is usually serious enough to warrant a sizable settlement - provided you know how to make the case.

Symptoms of a closed head injury sustained in a car accident may not appear until weeks later. Quite often, the injured person's family and friends start noticing a change in the person's behavior, mood, or comprehension abilities.

Their testimony, along with a doctor's expert opinion, can help prove the extent of your injuries.

A closed head injury is notoriously expensive and time-consuming to diagnose and treat, but do not ignore your suspicions. If you think you may have a head injury, do not hesitate to voice your concerns to your doctor and an experienced head injury attorney. It just might be worth the effort.

An experienced Maryland injury lawyer may help recognize the signs of a possible head injury and could know how to establish a solid case that proves you are injured and increases the amount of money you receive.