Until you are well!

There is no "magic" number of doctor visits that will get you the best settlement. In short, you should go to the doctor as many times as it takes for your body to heal.

Insurance companies want to know that you are taking the necessary steps to treat your injury. If they believe you are negligent in going to the doctor, they may accuse you of:

a.) Not really having a serious injury if you're not in enough pain to go to the doctor, or
b.) Contributing to the injury by not properly caring for it.

While it may be scary to see those medical bills stacking up on the kitchen counter, do not stop seeing a doctor to save money. In the end, you will be healthier - and likely have a larger settlement - if you follow through on your doctor's recommended medical treatment.

Your job is to focus on getting better. If you need help getting an adequate settlement, you may want to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Montgomery County who can help you get the money you need to pay for those expensive medical bills.