Injuries resulting from a motorcycle wreck are often extensive and life altering. If you’ve been injured in a serious crash, you deserve every penny of compensation available. Here’s a breakdown of what you can get and how:

In most personal injury cases in Maryland, the victim is allowed to request compensation to pay for measurable financial losses, such as accrued medical bills or loss of income from a temporary inability to work. This is the “economic” portion of a person’s compensation and is easily calculated because it is based on tangible numbers.

The victim may also request additional compensation for what is referred to as “pain and suffering.” This covers everything else not already covered by the economic damages. When determining a settlement amount for a person’s pain and suffering compensation, a judge or jury will take into consideration several factors, including:

  • How extensive was the injury
  • How long it took you to recover
  • How painful much pain your experienced
  • If there is any permanent damage
  • How the injury has affected your ability to enjoy life

As you can tell, these are all very subjective factors and much is left up to the discretion of the judge or jury. Because there is no set formula to determine how much pain and suffering a person can recoup, settlement amounts can vary greatly. Having a skilled attorney who presents a convincing argument on your behalf can make a big difference in the amount you get.

An experienced Maryland motorcycle crash lawyer can help you negotiate a fair settlement amount for your pain and suffering. If you are considering a pain and suffering claim from a motorcycle accident, call Nickelsporn & Lundin at 800-875-9700 for a free consultation.