If you have been hurt in a Maryland truck accident, chances are that you went straight to your family doctor and started receiving medical treatment for your injuries. Hopefully you followed all of the necessary steps, such as:

  • Seeing your doctor immediately following the accident.
  • Getting your doctor’s written assessment of injuries received in the accident.
  • Keeping all of your doctor appointments.
  • Following all of your doctor’s orders.
  • Keeping a copy of all your medical bills.

Even if you do everything right, the defense may demand that you see another doctor for an “independent medical exam.” The problem with these exams is that, in most cases, the insurance company is actually paying the doctor for his or her services, which can make the doctor prejudiced against you.

While we hope the doctor is honest, quite often an independent exam is short (sometimes just 10 minutes) and incomplete. Rarely will the doctor ask you enough questions to get an adequate picture of your injuries. This gives the insurance company an excuse to argue that your injuries must not be as bad as you are making them out to be.

If you believe your case may be hurt by the independent medical exam you are being required to take, then talk to a skilled Maryland truck accident attorney who can help prove how serious your injuries really are. 

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