First of all, you should know that Maryland state law holds commercial drivers to a higher standard when it comes to drunk driving.

The driver of a commercial vehicle is considered to be driving drunk when their blood alcohol content (BAC) reaches .04%. Normal drivers are not considered drunk until their BAC reaches .08%.

A single drunk driving offense can cause the state to revoke the offender's commercial drivers' license (CDL) for a year. A second offense may ban them from ever driving a commercial vehicle in Maryland again.

Commercial drivers risk their career if they drive drunk in their free time. A person who holds a CDL may also lose their commercial license for one year if they are caught driving drunk (.08% BAC or more) in their personal vehicle.

These laws are meant to protect the public by enacting harsh consequences on truckers who drink and drive. The lower .04% limit can work to your favor in your truck accident case if the truck driver had been drinking, even a little bit.