There are several possible causes for a Maryland truck accident. Maintenance is one potential culprit that should not be overlooked.

Commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks and other 18-wheelers spend hours on the road every day. This extra use translates into quicker wear and tear that demands constant attention. A problem that goes unfixed can quickly become a serious issue in a vehicle that gets so much use.

Depending on the maintenance issue that contributed to your accident, either the truck driver or the company which owns the truck might be the responsible party. 

For example, the driver might be at fault if:

  • He failed to check the oil
  • She knowingly drove with bald tires
  • He failed to correctly connect the air brakes
  • She is also the owner of the truck and responsible for her own vehicle’s maintenance

On the other hand, the truck company might be the responsible party if:

  • The driver reported an issue that the company failed to correct
  • The company neglected to perform routine or scheduled maintenance on the truck
  • The company failed to spot a serious maintenance problem that should have been seen on a routine check

In rare cases, the problem even might be traced back to the manufacturer. Regardless of the issue, a skilled Maryland truck accident attorney will know how to find the required documentation to prove that your injuries were due to someone’s negligence in properly caring for the vehicle’s maintenance.

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