If you suspect that drug use of any kind was a factor in the accident that left you injured, you should contact a Maryland truck accident attorney as soon as possible.

Drug use, whether legal or illegal, can contribute to a serious accident and may be a key factor in your Maryland personal injury case.

It is possible to prove that the truck driver who injured you was using drugs, but only if you request the proper tests soon after the accident, while the drugs are still in the driver’s system. Some drugs may show up in blood work only within the few hours immediately following the crash, while traces of other drugs may still be evident for weeks later.

If the police suspected drug use at the scene of the accident and performed a drug test, that information will be crucial to your case. If not, you or your attorney may want to request a drug test shortly after the accident to determine whether the driver had used any drugs.

It is important that you hire an attorney for your case, especially if the drugs that were the culprit are legal. In this case, your attorney will need to prove that, though legal, the drugs used interfered with the truck driver’s ability to drive and therefore caused the crash that led to your injuries.

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