There is no specific formula to indicate how much compensation the victim of a Maryland truck accident should get for any particular injury. No two accidents are the same, and therefore no two settlements will be identical either.


With that being said, there are certain criteria that tend to increase the possibility of a higher settlement. For example, you may end up with a larger settlement if any of the following are true:


  • Your injuries are extensive and require lengthy treatment
  • Your injuries are permanent or left you disfigured
  • Your injuries required a lengthy absence from work
  • Your injuries required you to switch careers
  • The driver who caused your Maryland truck crash was unlicensed or performed an illegal maneuver
  • The other driver was acting aggressively or negligently
  • A drunk driver was involved
  • You were a pedestrian in a crosswalk


It is crucial that you not take anything for granted. You will need to prove, for example, that the driver was in fact drunk and that his or her drunkenness led to your injuries being more severe.


The total compensation that you receive will be the result of extensive negotiation. Because settlements are typically subjective, it pays to hire an attorney who knows how to bring a successful claim. This will include acquiring all the evidence necessary to prove that you are deserving of such compensation.


A Maryland truck crash lawyer who is familiar with these types of accidents knows how to get you the best compensation possible. To see why hiring a lawyer may be to your benefit, call us at 800.875.9700 to set up a free consultation.