Yes, an experienced Maryland car accident attorney knows how to find the evidence necessary to prove your case. Information that will help prove your case includes:

  • A police accident report, including any citations for speeding
  • Witness testimony
  • Photos of the accident scene and the vehicles
  • Doctor’s assessments that your injuries were due to the accident

If you prefer, it is possible for you to do much of the legwork yourself. For example, you can request an accident report from the police or try to talk to witnesses on your own. 

However, an attorney skilled in Silver Spring crashes is likely to get better results in gathering all of the information thanks to their resources and years of experience. An attorney also will know how to take that information and use it to prove your case in a convincing, foolproof lawsuit.

This is especially important if the other driver is accusing you of somehow causing the Maryland car accident in which you were injured. Your attorney will try to prove that it was the other driver’s speeding, not your actions, that in fact caused the crash.

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