Every day you witness some driver on the Beltway, speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and carelessly putting others at risk. However, although aggressive driving may be unsafe, is it illegal?

Every state has their own definition and laws regarding aggressive driving. Maryland defines aggressive driving as occurring when a driver commits a combination of moving traffic offenses that potentially endangers other people or property. These actions are not considered “occasionally unsafe,” they’re always unsafe—if an accident occurs or not, the action is still dangerous and generally, illegal. Aggressive driving behaviors include a variety of dangerous and illegal driving maneuvers, such as speeding and running red lights.

Maryland’s Aggressive Driving Laws

With the increase of aggressive driving accidents and fatalities over the past few years, the Maryland Safety Highway Administration (MSHA), has begun to seek ways to prevent, as well as educate, communities about the risks and consequences of driving aggressively. Therefore, in conjunction with the State’s Aggressive Driving Reduction program and the Smooth Operator Program (a public education campaign that provides education, information and solutions for aggressive driving), the MSHA has begun to partner up with local law enforcement to approach the problem using the Smooth Operator’s “4 E’s Approach.”

This approach will be used by the MSHA and police, to stop and ticket aggressive drivers, educate motorists about aggressive driving risks, and work to eliminate aggressive driving behavior on our roads.

So the next time you choose to run that red light, or pass that old jalopy in a “no passing zone,” be aware that not only are you putting lives at risk, but you could very well be ticketed or even imprisoned for your poor decision. Be smart, avoid risks and stay safe by simply following the rules of the road and taking the effort to care about the safety of those around you, instead of just how quickly you can get home.

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