“You never let me do anything fun!” As your teenage son stomps out the door, you can’t help but sigh. Years of trips to the emergency room have taught you to be wary of certain activities.

Whether you’re arguing about the right to take up sword fighting or ride a motorcycle, your cautions are well earned. A risk-taker in other areas of life is also more likely to take risks on the road, such as:

Riding without a helmet

Maryland law requires all motorcycle riders wear both helmets and eye protection. While your young daredevil may grudgingly agree to wear a helmet, such a person is more likely to forget the helmet at home simply because it’s not a priority.

Neglecting other safety measures

In addition to a helmet, it’s a good idea to wear boots, jeans, and padded jackets. This may seem like a lot of unnecessary baggage to a person more interested in the next thrill than safety.


Young drivers are statistically more likely to speed. The same is true for risk-takers of all ages. As you probably already know, speed increases the risk that the rider will lose control and crash. 

Taking unnecessary risks

Young daredevils may not know their limits or may assume that accidents only happen to other people. This is a dangerous mindset that leads such a person to take unnecessary risks that could end in disaster.

Get in a wreck

Even the safest motorcycle rider can end up the victim of a serious Maryland motorcycle crash, but a person who tends to take risks is more likely to get into serious wrecks more often.

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