Despite your best attempts at reconciliation, your spouse is determined to go through with the divorce. You feel hurt, betrayed, and tired of it all. Maybe you should just give in and get this over quickly.

Stop right there!

You may not be able to stop your spouse from getting a divorce, but you don’t have to give up just in an effort to avoid more pain. In fact, that’s the last thing you should do. Doing nothing could hurt you in more ways than you realize.

Judges in divorce cases often take into consideration what has happened in the past to determine what should be done in the future. For example, if you voluntarily left the house with the children in the care of your ex, a judge could take that action to mean that you do not want the house or custody of your children.

If you simply give in, you may be relinquishing your right to:

  • Joint custody of your children
  • Any money from the sale of the house or vehicles
  • Any of the belongings inside the house
  • Any right to alimony or child support

It’s completely understandable that you may be too hurt or angry to rationally handle the divorce proceedings on your own—but that doesn’t mean you should just ignore the whole process or give up on it.

Instead, that’s when you should talk to an experienced Maryland divorce lawyer. A skilled lawyer can take care of the details for you. He or she can negotiate the painful points on your behalf, making sure that your rights are protected and that you get what you need to rebuild a better future for yourself.

To see how we can help you during this difficult time, call Nickelsporn & Lundin at 800-875-9700 to set up a free consultation.

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