How often do you pay attention to local news on federal trucking regulations? As boring as it may sound, regulations overseeing trucks don’t just affect commercial drivers; they affect the safety of everyone on the road.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration exists to ensure the safety of truck drivers on the road. Focusing on the safety of truck drivers and their vehicles is important to all drivers because:

Unsafe truck drivers cause serious crashes

A truck driver spends hours on the road, whereas the typical commuter may spend just one hour a day behind the wheel. Anyone who has gone on a road trip knows that a long trip can make the driver sleepy and a little sloppy. Federal regulations monitor how many hours a truck driver can go before taking a mandated break. This makes the roads safer for everyone.

Broken trucks contribute to crashes

In general, the typical 18-wheeler truck will travel thousands of miles on any given day. The wear and tear of this extended use means that a truck is more apt to break down in a shorter time than a car. Any malfunction on a truck could cause a serious Maryland truck wreck that would hurt others, as well as the truck driver.

Bigger trucks cause bigger wrecks

The simple fact that trucks are bigger means that when an accident does happen, it’s more likely to be serious. The sheer size of a massive 18-wheeler translates to serious injury or fatality to anyone in the way of the vehicle.

When the FMCSA contemplates a new rule regarding trucking, all drivers should pay attention. The safety of everyone on the road is involved.

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