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Not every minor car accident demands a police visit. A minor fender bender with no injuries can typically be handled between the parties involved in the accident.

However, serious Maryland auto accidents - especially any involving any type of personal injury - are cause enough to call the local police to the scene.

Why is it helpful to have the police on hand?

First of all, the police will do a third-party, official investigation into the crash. They will interview witnesses and take photos of the accident scene, all of which can be very helpful information in the case of a lawsuit.

Second, they will interview and get contact information from all parties involved. This is especially helpful if one of the drivers is uninsured.

Third, following their investigation, the police will provide an official explanation for the cause of the accident. They may perform sobriety tests or hand out citations to the driver they believe to be at fault for the accident. This will further help prove your case in a court of law.

Fourth, calling police to the scene of a serious Frederick car accident will often include a visit from emergency personnel. They will quickly examine those involved in the accident for any potential injuries. This can help you prove that your injuries were caused by the accident.

These are just a few reasons why calling the cops should be one of the first things you do at the scene of a Maryland car crash.

Then, when you're ready to pursue a personal injury case, consider calling an experienced Frederick car accident attorney at 1-800-875-9700.
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