You’ve been on a wild goose chase ever since your Maryland truck crash. Everyone involved seems sure that someone is to blame, so long as it’s not them. Just when you thought you were about to get the compensation you so desperately need for your injuries, you find yourself being dumped off on yet another organization. All you want is the money to pay for your medical expenses. Is that so difficult?

Maryland truck accidents are notoriously complex. There are often multiple parties involved, any number of whom may be partially responsible for paying for your expenses. For example, any of these organizations may have done something that contributed to the accident that left you injured:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company where the driver was employed
  • Loading company
  • Equipment manufacturer
  • Maintenance company
  • Government entity responsible for the road where the accident occurred
  • Any additional drivers involved in a multiple-vehicle crash

Because each one knows there are other parties involved, they are likely to try to pawn you off onto each other in an attempt to avoid responsibility for your injuries. This never-ending blame game can make it nearly impossible for you to get any compensation on your own. When you’re tired of feeling a little like the vegetable in a game of hot potato, it might be time to call a Maryland truck accident lawyer who can help you. 

The attorneys of Nickelsporn and Lundin have experience representing victims of Maryland truck accidents. We have the resources to determine who was truly at fault, and we know how to go after all of the responsible parties to get you the full amount of compensation you need. To take back control of your life, call us today at 800-875-9700, and set up your free consultation.

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