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Personal injury and family law attorney licensed to practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia

It happens every day. Dishonest lawyers and "runners" hunt down potential clients by promising them large settlements after their car accidents by tracking them down from police reports or hospital records. Through scams and insurance frauds, these shady attorneys defraud insurance companies by exagerrating injuries and encouraging clients to lie and inflate their claims.

Avoid the game. Know what to look for in an experienced, no-nonsense attorney:

What to look for in an attorney:

Availability: Your attorney should be approachable and reachable. Each case is unique and requires unique attention. Your lawyer should be available and willing to discuss details and answer questions about your case at any time. He or she should be consistently settling cases well for clients with honesty, respect and integrity.

Competence: An experienced and competent attorney gets solid case results. Even if an attorney has won cases, dig a little deeper -- did they win simple cases or carry more complex ones into completion?

The best lawyers know how to persuade adversaries and are skillful to negotiate prompt settlements and payments to their clients.Beware of attorneys whose "solution" to every problem is to sue. Litigation is expensive, and the client pays with money, energy and time. And the "victory" ultimately won (if you win) can be so watered down or hollow that the expense wasn't worth it all for the client.  Litigation is always an option that should never be ruled out, but it is a last resort.

Knowledge: Your car accident attorney should know state and national laws, policies and regulations and be in good standing with your state bar association.

Your lawyer should be comfortable and experienced in dealing with insurance and health care companies.

Honesty: A good attorney should be honest with you about your case and encourage you to be honest about your case with your doctors. Your health is of primary importance and you shouldn’t be urged to oversell or undersell your injuries.

Fairness: Look for an attorney whose fee structure is based on contingency. This means that if you don't win the case, you don't pay a penny. Some attorneys ask clients to pay certain expenses up front or expect payment regardless of the outcome of the case. Look for an attorney who won’t make you pay a penny unless they win.

For honest, trustworthy, no-baloney attorneys, contact Nickelsporn & Lundin today. We promise to listen to the facts of your case and advise you free of charge. Call us today for an expert opinion and useful information regarding your case.
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