After several months of hanging up the motorcycle helmet, many motorcyclists are now taking advantage of the warmer weather and hitting the road this spring. What motorcyclists might not do before getting back on their bikes is review some safety steps.

Before hitting the road again, it is best to review the following safety message this SPRING:

S – Safety first. If it’s been a while since you have been on two wheels, take a refresher motorcycle training class to brush up on your skills.

P – Prep your bike before taking it out on the road after it’s been sitting for a while. This includes making sure your brakes and fluid levels are good.

R – Replace your old tires with new ones if there is even a question of the tires being worn out.

I – Inspect your bike making sure your lights and signals are working and your tires have enough tread and pressure. You can also have a professional check your motorcycle to make sure it is ready to go.

N – Notify your loved one of the route you are taking if you are going on a long ride.

G – Gear up! By wearing high-visibility clothing, a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet, gloves, pants, boots, jacket, and eye protection, you can increase your chance of survival in the event of a motorcycle wreck. Even in the warmer weather, motorcyclists should always wear the proper safety gear to protect them in case of an accident.

We hope this reminder will keep you safe as you prepare to ride your motorcycle this spring. Even if you do your part and follow this safety message, you might still get injured by someone else’s negligence. If that happens and you are faced with pursuing a personal injury claim for your damages, you should request free copy of our report, 10 Tips to Get the Maximum Compensation After a Maryland Accident.

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