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Personal injury and family law attorney licensed to practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia
There are many enforcement tools used by the government to enforce and collect Child Support Orders. Generally, each parent has a duty to support his/her children until they turn 18 or graduate from high school, whichever is later.
Be aware that a child support order can provide that the payor parent pay an amount towards the back due child support, also called an arrearage.  By law, an arrearage is due immediately, and there are certain State and Federal laws that provide for automatic processes to collect it.  These include:
  • Federal and State Tax Refund Intercept
  • Lottery Intercept
  • Reporting arrearage to the Credit Bureau
  • Garnishment of Bank Accounts
  • Administrative Offset of Certain Federal Payments
  • Business, Occupational, and Professional License Suspension
  • Court Action
  • Driver’s License Suspension
  • Lien and Seizure of Personal and Real Property, Including Financial Accounts
  • Passport Denial
  • Referral to Consumer Reporting Agencies
  • Referral to Private Collection Agencies
To avoid these problems, it’s best to stay current with your child support payments.  If there's been a material change in your circumstances, you should immediately file for modification with the court.
If you need a child support order entered or modified, contact our office to schedule a consultation.
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